Guides - Knight Champion Quest
Congratulations on reaching level 100, Soldier! You are reading this guide because you want nothing more than to become a Knight / Champion.

Go to /go 3 and talk to Mayor Darren.

Mayor Darren will tell you to talk to Crune, the Weapon Seller in /go 3.

Once you are there, Crune will tell you to go get Lushed's Crown from Supreme Krafty Kings in Kenji beach.

Once you get the Crown bring it back to Crune who will then tell you to visit Leonard, in Zant(/go 2)

Leonard will ask you to go to Goblin Cave B2 or (B3) and find 5 pieces of the broken sword which can be found by killing Supreme Goblin Warriors.

Once you find the 5 Pieces go back to Leonard. He will send you to Mairath, the Weapon Craftsman in Breezy Hill to restore the sword.

Mairath will ask you to kill Supreme Stone Golems to retrieve the Sign of Friendship. Supreme Stone Golems are in Gorge of Silence.

Once you get the Sign bring it back to Mairath so he can fix the sword. Then, he will ask you to bring the sword to Jones, the Historian in /go 3.

Jones will give you a Recommendation for the 2nd job.

Return to Mayor Darren, and give him the Recommendation + 200.000 Zulie.

And pick your job, Knight / Champion.


Credits go to the forum user HolyAngel